I Take a Lot of Pictures

I take a ton of pictures. All of them go to my Flickr account. Some of them might come here. This is my photoblog blog.

I am married with two step kids. I live near Boston, MA. I play the guitar. I take lots of pictures.

I do most of my goofing off here.
Must Not Treat

We are going to a game night member’s wedding tonight. We Must Not Cheat!

Must Not Treat

We are going to a game night member’s wedding tonight. We Must Not Cheat!

Pre-Weight In Nerves

I was down huge after week one. I was down big after week two.

We’re getting ready to leave to go in for the week three weigh in… I don’t think I’ll be down big this week. I stayed on the simple start foods list, but I feel like I just had too much of everything. I had a full week of hungry horrors. It was tough. I’m still hoping for good results, but I’m not expecting much.

Wish me luck!

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Duck Duck

I’m going to a wedding tomorrow night so I am going to miss this but…

If you’re anywhere near Lowell, MA tomorrow night you MUST, and I do mean MUST, go to the Safe and see the majestic, triumphant, brilliant, amazing, miraculous reunion of the greatest thing that ever happened during the late 80’s/early 90’s.

Duck Duck.

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Scotland http://wp.me/s2XmJk-scotland

I think the Scottish people did the right thing by voting to remain I the UK. Especially considering they were promised more control over their own affairs. That seems a good trade off. Control your own stuff internally, but still pool resources with your neighbors. Very Federalist of them. What other English speaking nation is set up with separate states like that?


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Canobie Lake Sunrise

The sunrise over Canobie Lake was pretty cool this morning.

This is from Camera+


This is the standard iphone camera.


This is the iphone camera in HDR.


This post was typed using the new suggested text in iOS 8.

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iOS 8 Update

When I got home last night I restarted my attempt to download and install iOS 8 on my iphone. (not my iPad yet) That was probably 10 hours ago.

The download still has eight hours left.

Gooooo iOS 8!!!

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Historical Significance

There are two events of historical significance happening today.

First, in Scotland people are voting on whether or not the country should remove itself from the United Kingdom. I can’t really have an opinion on this, not being Scottish or from the UK myself, but I think if Scotland leaves it would feel a little like Jack Bruce leaving Cream. Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker would still be…

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